A place for the marginalized to call home.

Chilla, translated as branch from Malayalam, is a foster home for marginalized and stigmatized children – an initiative to give these children a fair chance to live and be connected with their mothers.

Chilla emphasizes the quality of life of the children, while they are at Chilla and after, by providing them with a home, with education (in and outside school), and self-confidence. Anil and Roja, who run the home, are a unique couple who have dedicated a good part of their lives to this cause. A sympathetic and pragmatic approach to the issue of sex work allows Chilla to maintain good connections with the community of sex workers. The mothers themselves are involved in the project. Chilla is supported by organisations like Kerala Partnership, Asha for Education and Sangama, as well as funds raised locally.

Recent Activities

The toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is felt in many ways. Unemployed and with no means of sustenance, large parts of our population are left starving and without basic medical supplies. In light of this fact, we at Anannia have cooperated with Punyam, a California-based charitable organisation, to distribute 5 lakh rupees worth of food and medicine kits in the Karakulam panchayat. Food and Civil Supplies Minister G. R. Anil inagurated the program.

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