Looking to intern?

As an accredited NGO, Anannia has accepted dozens of interns, from Indian BTech students to Swedish social workers. Anyone with an interest to apply is able to either via their university or any such affiliated institution, or individually.
Contact us at chillaanil@gmail.com or ananniachilla@gmail.com for applications.

For social workers and students in related fields

The major purpose of an internship is to depute qualified social workers to interact, asses and improve the overall development of children of Chilla and work for the future development of the CHILLA project. The impact of the work is two dimensional. The benefits gained by the children of CHILLA and the training the deputed social workers achieve through the process. The objective assessment by trained social workers will help us in streamlining our specific efforts regarding each child. By observing the children very closely they can identify the talents, issues and problems of each child. Further interaction with people with social concerns, is very important for our children in their blooming, especially since most of them have a very turbulent past. For the social workers, it will turn out to be a very good opportunity to get involved in the work among the most stigmatized and discriminated section of the society. They can closely observe how these children overcome their problems through love, care and cozy environment. They can play key role in the development of the institution, which will be a very good training for them.

Job Description

  1. Interacting with children
    • understanding each child and assessing their talents, issues and personality
    • improving their self confidence and boosting their self esteem
    • making them aware of their basic human rights, the right to feel and express feelings
    • improving their communication skills and ability to speak in a group
  2. Future development of the organization
    • Work on sustainability project project of CHILLA (economic sustainability through organic farming, production of eco-friendly projects, aqua-farming)
    • Development of the organization as a learning centre
      1. Social work among discriminated, deprived and marginalized sections and learn how children are able overcome issues of discrimination
      2. How social discrimination and stigma can be overcome by grass root level interventions.
      3. Study and work among transgender, sexual minorities and sex workers
      4. Study of an ecofriendly self-sustainable system
      5. Training on ecofriendly product design and manufacturing
      6. Development of effective teaching methods to give students confidence in Maths, science and IT.

For others

The job description will depend on the skills you have and what you can do for Chilla. This is discussed on a case-by-case. Any help, from innovative project ideas to content management and crowdfunding, is appreciated.

What our interns say

Linn Karlqvist Tollare folkhogakola Sweden

We spent time with the children, taught them English, art, culture, dance, and just gave them love! We loved the time at Chilla and the children gave us so much! Hopefully we gave them as much as they gave us :)

Emma Bergdahl Mid Sweden University

Me and two classmates, Silje and Karolina started a fundraiser via Facebook, we had lessons in computer skills and english and just hung out with the kids. We participated in some meetings with students and one work shop. I really enjoyed spending time at Chilla and I think it’s a genuine organization with good values.

Frida Sundgren Ersta Skondal Hogskola Sweden

Working together with Chilla so far have been an amazing experience and everyone involved with these kids and this organization is truly loving and helping people. I am looking forward to the expansion of Chilla in the future.

Rejil Krishnan Symbiosis International University, Pune

Great experience. Learnt more about life than how it would be by reading materials or watching things on television. Overall was proud to be associated with the team and had a lot of fun with the children. My contributions might not have been great, but I’m willing to help Chilla anytime even today.