Early Childhood Education Research and Intervention

Invitation for research collaboration

Through our work among marginalised children for the last 20 years, we have found that a wide chasm exists between the opportunities available for marginalised children and their peers. We've come to understand that:

In this context a clear action plan has to be formulated for ensuring quality preschool education to marginalized children.

Studies and research which will address the issues of marginalized children and increase their capability by invoking creative talents is highly essential in the field of preschool education. ANANNIA is planning to do creative and constructive interventions in this area. With our experience in overall personality development among marginalized children, we are planning to launch our new project Early Childhood Education Research and Intervention.

We are looking for research scholars with experience in innovative educational practices. This research intervention will be carried out in collaboration with Govt. educational agencies like DIET, SCERT and SSK. Once this model succeeds, it can be adapted on a broader scale for a long term curriculum redesign with a view of inclusive education. With research studies in the Indian context it is expected to be scalable across the country, with far-reaching social impact.