What is Chilla?

Chilla is home for the children of sex workers, HIV orphans and children-in-conflict with law – an initiative to give these children a fair chance to live and be connected with their mothers. Currently Chilla houses about 15 children, and in addition provides emergency support to many more children of sex workers in the city.

Chilla, with the help of a few like-minded individuals has overcome many a challenge, and has started to establish itself as a remarkable effort, increasingly noticed by the media and the Government.

Chilla emphasizes the quality of life of the children, while they are at Chilla and after, by providing them with a home, with education (in and outside school), and self-confidence. Anil and Roja, who run the home, are a unique couple who have dedicated a good part of their lives to this cause. A sympathetic and pragmatic approach to the issue of sex work allows Chilla to maintain good connections

with the community of sex workers. The mothers themselves are involved in the project. Chilla is supported by organisations like Kerala Partnership, Asha for Education and Sangama, as well as funds raised locally.



What makes chilla different?

Chilla is a unique space unlike other children’s homes as:

  • Mothers of the children are allowed to meet the children and also stay with them whenever they want.

  • Various programs are initiated to enhance the personality of children in Chilla thus providing them exposure to newer world views.

  • The social space of Chilla is created in such a way that, it becomes a space made by the children and of the children thus evolving it as their own space.

  • The space is also evolved thus that the Chilla becomes their own home and not any destitute reside.