Our Flagship Project

Chilla is home for the children of sex workers, HIV orphans and children-in-conflict with law – an initiative to give these children a fair chance to live and be connected with their mothers.

Chilla is not an orphanage. The children at Chilla are not orphans. They have mothers who are concerned about their well being. Their mothers are sex workers who are poor and do not have a home or a shelter. They are in the streets earning their livelihood. So the children of these mothers are forced to be on the streets with them.

Orphanages are not ready to take in children of sex workers. A few orphanages that are broad minded to accept these children put forward a clause – Their mothers should not visit the children nor claim them again. The mother has to break all ties with her children or rather renounce her children. The sex worker along with so many other things in life is deprived of Motherhood.

Aims & Objectives
  • Chilla is a place where children and their mothers are comfortable. It does not matter what the mother’s profession is.
  • Provide or arrange shelter for children.
  • Provide Regular Schooling / Private Registration / Open school system.
  • To work for eradication of social stigma and discrimination.
  • Provide or arrange treatment and councilling facilities for children.
  • Provide educational grant, study materials, uniform etc.
  • Networking of sex worker’s children all over the world.
  • Advocacy with various social support system and like minded groups and agencies.